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Schu's Hospitality Group, LLC follows a basic consultancy process to ensure that our clients are provided a service that is specific to their restaurant industry. Pricing is customized and will be based on the Client's specific needs. The fee structure will be determined at the time of the proposal. The process will consist of four steps:

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Discovery Phase

We start with a conversation on a variety of issues including conception development, interior design, development assistance, and financial systems. During the discovery phase we will work to understand the exact conditions we will be advising on.

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Plan Proposal:

Includes scope of services, timeline, and budget schedule

Once we have completed the discovery process, Schu's will offer a written proposal. The proposal will include in-depth information on out anticipated approach, an outline of expected completion dates, and a discussion of fees and expenses.

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Implementation Of Plan With Operations Team

At this point in the process, we work closely with you as the client on a variety of subjects. We will introduce the strategies to your restaurant and staff, and begin the process of growing, transforming, developing, and improving your restaurant.

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Plan Follow Through

We believe Schu's Hospitality is tied to tangible results and measurable profit impact. We vow to be productive and not waste our time when working on your project. Whether you're a one-unit restaurant or have many locations, our experts faithfully steward your restaurant or hospitality business to success.


Our feed structure is operated in a way that allows us to produce the best results at what we believe is the best price available to you. Our costs are determined at the time of the proposal, but the fees are always determined fairly based on anticipated hours necessary to complete the project.